1. Trunkt is now Etsy Wholesale.

    "…Etsy wants to expand into serving a new class of buyers and sellers: the company has bought Trunkt, which specializes in selling artisanal goods wholesale.” ( TechCrunch - May 2012 )

    "… a wise choice for Etsy, who seldom acquires other companies. While sales are clearly healthy, wholesaling products will avail them to customers who may not otherwise have access to them.” ( FashInvest - May 2012 )

    "But in a much more substantive move, Etsy is also building a wholesale marketplace from a platform called Trunkt (which it bought from indie developer Dev Tandon) that will give sellers tools to get their products into the world in brick-and-mortar stores, catalogs, and other online stores.” ( Wired - November 2012 )

    "Etsy, which has about 850,000 sellers worldwide, is now testing Etsy Wholesale, a business-to-business platform by which retailers ranging from national chains to museum shops and local boutiques sell the wares of Etsy vendors and designers in their stores.” ( Forbes - March 2013 )

    “… handcrafted home products from Etsy’s vast array of independent designers should be a winning combination for Nordstrom. This is revolutionary, not only for little ol’ Etsy, but also for the retail industry at large.” ( Motley Fool - March 2013 )

    "Etsy is testing out this concept with Etsy Wholesale, a b-to-b platform to link retailers with national chains. Etsy’s wide variety of goods and sellers would ensure that items in B&N stores could constantly change to meet today’s consumer expectation of fresh inventory." ( Forbes - May 2013 )

    "Nordstrom can gently elevate Etsy creators, while Etsy can put a little funk in Nordstrom’s merchandise, keeping it from getting too stuffy.” ( Racked - June 2013 )

    Etsy Wholesale is the latest plank in Etsy’s ambitious growth strategy." ( The Guardian - June 2013 )

    "Etsy wants its sellers to take wholesale orders so that, through them, Etsy can be in thousands of stores at once without ever cutting a rent check.” ( The New York Times - April 2014 )

    "We have high hopes for Etsy Wholesale." ( CEO of Etsy, Chad Dickerson on CNBC - August 2014 )

  2. Trunkt has been acquired by Etsy.

    May 1, 2012

    I’m thrilled to announce that Trunkt has been acquired by Etsy and will serve as the foundation for Etsy Wholesale, a new business unit that will launch soon.

    Ayesha and I started Trunkt many years ago with one simple mission: to help independent designers make a living from their talent. Over the years, we experimented with a few ways to meet that goal — trunk shows, a boutique in NYC, an e-commerce site, printed catalogs and much more.

    After Ayesha left Trunkt to pursue fantastic opportunities at Gilt Groupe and J.Crew, I built the version of Trunkt you use now - an online wholesale trade show for independent artisans. Over the last 2 years, Trunkt has become a dynamic community of wholesale sellers and boutique retail buyers who have done a whole lot of business. The CEO of Etsy, Chad, noticed our success and acquired our little company.

    I am excited to join the Etsy team because Etsy is where we can help the largest number of independent artisans grow their businesses in new ways. The combination of Etsy and Trunkt is ideal and I’m looking forward to help build Etsy Wholesale.

    Nothing is going to change on Trunkt for now. All members with activated wholesale websites will be able to continue with no interruption. I’ll give you ample notice when I make any changes to the service or when it eventually gets shut down.

    I won’t, however, be accepting any new sellers on Trunkt going forward. Unfortunately, sellers who have wholesale websites that are not yet activated will not be able to activate them going forward. I believe this is the best thing to do since all my attention will now be on my Etsy work.

    Thank you for all your years of support, patience and good wishes and I’ll see you at Etsy soon. If you have any questions or want to get updated, please visit us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

    If you need additional information about Trunkt or your Trunkt membership, please email wholesalesupport@etsy.com and the Etsy Wholesale team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Onward and upward,
    Dev and the Trunkt team